Industry 资源


Pitt County and our economic allies are dedicated to providing local industries with the business support services they need to grow and expand. Allow our office to help put you in contact with the right service provider for your industry.

Pitt County Economic Development (PCED)
(252) 902-2075
The primary goal of the Pitt County Industrial Expansion and Retention program is to help retain and grow nearly 100 existing manufacturing firms located within Pitt County.

业务 & Industry Services, Pitt Community College
(252) 493-7216
Helps businesses maintain their competitive edge through customized 培训 and development services.

业务 Link 北卡罗莱纳
(800) 228-8443
A service of the Economic Development Partnership of NC and provides access to an extensive network of experts that can help businesses succeed.

Center for Innovation in Technology and Engineering (CITE), East Carolina University
(252) 328-9600
CITE provides a cost effective alternative for specialized 工业 培训 and project implementation.

Office of Innovation and Economic Development, East Carolina University
(252) 737-1380
ECU’s Economic Development Office draws upon the expertise of faculty, 学生, and 专业 staff to assist in the economic development of the state’s easternmost 40 counties.

Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce
(252) 752-4101
A volunteer organization of business, 专业, 工业, and community leaders working together to create and maintain an economically strong county.

Greenville Pitt County Convention and Visitors Bureau
(252) 329-4200
Makes meeting planning execution and assistance their top priority.

Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC)
(252) 752-7166
Helps companies get the most out of their energy dollars by providing cost-saving energy programs.

Industrial Extension Service (IES)
(252) 643-1086
Helps companies stay abreast of the latest technologies and best practices in both engineering and business management.

(252) 355-9067
Provides citizens and 雇主 with the highest quality of customer focused and user-friendly career planning, 培训, and placement services.

NC Biotechnology Center
(252) 328-9981
The world’s first government-sponsored organization dedicated to developing the biotechnology industry.

NC Department of Commerce-业务 Development
(919) 733-4151
Offers an extensive collection of resources and services to support and enhance your business.

北卡罗莱纳 Division of Employment Security
(252) 355-9067
Provides employment services, unemployment insurance, and labor market information to the State’s workers, 雇主, 公众.

NC Small 业务 and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) at ECU
(252) 737-1385
Services focus on management counseling, addressing issues including financing, 市场营销, 人力资源, 操作, business planning, and feasibility assessment.

NC Community College System BioNetwork 
Outreach requests:  (252) 757-3519
A statewide initiative that connects community colleges across 北卡罗莱纳, providing specialized 培训, curricula and equipment, to develop a world-class workforce for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

NC Department of Environmental Quality
(252) 946-6481
Assist small businesses with air quality and other regulatory requirements, encouraging environmental compliance and stewardship.

NC Department of Labor (NCDOL)
800 - nclabor
Helps 雇主 achieve a safe and healthful workplace for their employees.

(800) 474-8499
Offers confidential site location assistance and information to companies considering the Eastern Region for a business location or expansion.

NC Pharmaceutical Services Network
(224) 223-3940

A one-stop online resource for job seekers and 雇主 in NC.

Region Q 劳动力 Development Board
(252) 974-1821
Committed to providing 雇主 with the right information for their business to succeed and grow.

Small 业务 Center, Pitt Community College
(252) 493-7541
Designed to meet the 培训 needs of the area’s small business owners, 经理, and other personnel, as well as entrepreneurs planning to start a small business.

(252) 752-9774
A nationally recognized workforce initiative committed to individual and community empowerment through employment.